Size, Material and Specifications

Material 100% polyester microfiber
Place of Manufacture Most of our products are imported from Asia. We have just begun limited USA manufacturing on some models. Products that are made by KovaCovers here in the USA are made with imported fabric from multiple sources. Please note that until we are in full production here in the USA, you will need to specifically request USA made products within the notes section at checkout.
Size Adult Regular is 19 in long by 9 in wide  19" x 9", Adult Small and Kids is 14 in long and 8 in wide. For the little bitty ones - tie a knot in the back - that's what we do. 
Circumference Adult Regular is approximately 18 inches un-stretched, Adult Small/Kids is approximately 16 inches un-stretched.
Washable Machine Washable
UV protection Yes (but you should still use sunscreen)
Virus Protection This is not a medical grade face mask and should not be used as one. Seek the advice of a qualified medical professional before using any mask or face covering for virus protection.
Covid-19 Information Visit the CDC's website - We aren't scientists or doctors and are not qualified to comment on nasty molecular critters.