OD Green KovaCover

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Olive Drab Green or OD as we military folks call it. You asked for OD KovaCovers and here they are. Meets US military uniform requirements. Ships from the USA. 

KovaCovers neck gaiters are multi-functional seamless tubes of stretchy microfiber polyester. You can wear them as a face cover, bandanna, a beanie, or helmet liner. All KovaCovers showing available to order are in stock and ship within 1 business day. KovaCovers are packed and sent to you by a bunch of US military veterans from our warehouse in Virginia Beach, VA. You can check out the video to see the different applications for KovaCovers here. Or drop us a note if you have any questions. Dying to see more? We get it. Check out out our FaceBook page, for customer pics. Be safe out there. CoverUp!